Have you ever wanted to learn a new language or to imrpve your language skills?

Bur you don't have the possibility or enough time to do so?

At VIV we have the solution for you: Learn languages online


1:1 live-language classes with professional teachers, any time, any place to an affordable price.


In only 3 steps you can start learning Russian:

1) Register here
2) Choose the way you would like to have the class* and the lesson schedule
3) Enjoy your first trial lesson free of charge

After that you can continue learning by easily booking your lesson per unit or buying personalised lesson packages.

*: phone or skype


 Why VIV?

Effizienz klein


  • Learning or improving a language is most effective through direct communication with native speakers.


Qualität klein


  • Our tutors are all professional language teacher


Flexibilität klein


  • Any place
  • Any time
  • Without wasting your time to get to the classroom
  • Optionally by phone or by skype


Preis klein

 Great price performance ratio

  • One-to-one lessons often cost way more
  • To learn in a group is not as efficient as private one-to-one lessons


Risiko klein No risk 

  •  You get a trial lesson free of charge without taking any risks.
  • You do not buy a subscription with monthly fees but only book as many hours as you need.


Still not convinced? Why don’t you try our free trial lesson?

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